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    Hole #1

    Hit your drive in the right center of the fairway for best angle into the green. It is uphill on the second shot so take enough club. Don’t miss it left as it will be tough up and down. Green has more slope than it looks so be careful if you are above the hole.

    Hole #2

    Don’t have to hit driver here, drive has to be straight. Second shot is down hill and the ball rolls out, hit one less club than you think. Short is much better than long.

    Hole #3

    Uphill par 3 that requires an accurate iron shot. Short of the bunkers is the best miss. If you are left, long, or right it will be a tough up and down.

    Hole #4

    A risk reward par 5. Hit it in the fairway and you can go for the green. Be careful when going for it as you will have a slightly downhill lie. If laying up shoot for 100 yard to get a flat lie in the fairway. Long is not good but too short is not an option. Sloping green from back to front, which makes it much faster than it appears.

      Hole #5

      An accurate tee shot is required. Play it to the 150 marker to get a flat lie and good chance to hit the green. A narrow sloping green that is a tough one. Short of the green gives you an uphill chip that should get you par, and be happy with that.

      Hole #6

      Downhill par 3 that challenges you shot making ability. The wind is deceiving and is often different on the tee than it is at the green. Hit the green and you still have a challenge as there is a lot of break on this green. Missing it left and a little short gives you the best chance for up and down.

      Hole #7

      A birdie hole. The fairway slopes to the right with a hazard that stretches all the way to the green, so a tee shot down the middle is essential. Another narrow green that requires an accurate second shot, but you will be rewarded with a birdie with a couple of good shots.

      Hole #8

      A 3 wood off the tee will put you in good position for your second shot. Aim at the rock in the middle of the fairway (but don’t hit it)! Second shot to a long narrow green is uphill so take an extra club. If the pin is in the back it may be two clubs more than when the pin is in the front.

        Hole #9

        A 90 degree dogleg that a score of par is good. Hit to the corner and you will have 150 or more in to the green. Go over the trees and you can get within 80 yards. Stay to the left center of the green, as if you hit the right side with a little fade your ball may end up in the hazard.

        Hole #10

        Aim down the right side of the fairway and your drive will end up in the middle. This is a long narrow green with a back shelf. If the pin is in the front or middle go pin hunting. If is in the back of the green hit in the middle, two putt and take your par.

        Hole #11

        A drive to the left center of the fairway will give you a good angle to the green. A good drive will give you a 9 iron or less into the green. Attack this pin and try to make birdie.

        Hole #12

        A long drive goes a long way to making the second shot easier on this hole. A narrow sloping green that is tough to hit. Hit it short and should roll on the green. Make par on this hole and you should be happy.

          Hole #13

          This hole requires a tees shot up the left side of the fairway. Your second shot may only be 150 yards but it will be difficult to hit the green and stay on it. Hit it in the front of the green for an uphill chip to any pin position, go long on your second or third shot and you are in for a tough chip. If you go past the pin it is a tough two putt.

          Hole #14

          Hit your drive up the left side of the fairway and it will roll into the middle. Driver for the shorter hitters, 3 wood for the longer hitters. Bunkers guard the green in the front with two other bunkers on either side of the green. If the pin is in the front or middle attack, if it is in the back don’t be too aggressive and go long as you probably won’t get up and down.

          Hole #15

          You need to hit your tee shot 180 to 200 yards on this tee shot. The second shot is downhill to a sloping green that is tough to hold. Don’t try to be too cute, just hit it in the green, watch it roll to the right and off, two put and take your par.

          Hole #16

          A peaceful spot on the golf course. This par 3 is downhill and plays one club shorter than the yardage. There is a variety of tees for this hole so many different clubs can be used. This green slopes more than it looks so watch those putts.

            Hole #17

            An uphill par 4 that requires a good drive. In the fairway you won’t find a flat lie. Hit your second shot to the left center of the green and it will roll down toward the hole. Watch your putting on this green as putts can roll allot after it goes by the hole.

            Hole #18

            A par 3 finish with a beautiful view. Wind is always a factor on this hole. Hitting it short and letting it roll on doesn’t work, as it is soft in the front. Hit the middle of the green and you should be happy. There is a slight hump in the green so be careful when putting as it can roll out after the hole.